Low temperature waterborne glass paint

Low temperature waterborne glass paint

Product Details

This product is suitable for the surface coating of glass materials. It can be used for glass cosmetic bottles, glass bottles, glass plating, glass lighting, glass reflective bulbs, glass tea sets, glass sacred balls and other glass products. The paint film has the characteristics of good adhesion, high hardness and water immersion.

First, technical parameters:

Solid content: 45±1%

Viscosity: 80 ~ 120p;

Gloss: high gloss, matte

Hardness: 3H or more

Adhesion: ≤ one level.

Water resistance: no abnormalities after soaking for 6 months

Second, the construction instructions:

Proportion: dilution ratio is 100 parts water paint + (0.5 ~ 1) parts auxiliary + 30-50 tap water

Dry time: baking at 130 ° C for 25 minutes

Construction conditions: spray dip coating

Standard packaging: 5kg/18kg/100kg drum

Third, product features:

It has outstanding water dilution, small smell, safety, environmental protection and easy construction. The paint film is full, colorful, smooth, high hardness, strong adhesion, yellowing resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, non-fading, long-lasting performance, outstanding decorative and protective properties. Can completely replace traditional oil paint.