Fast drying glass paint

Fast drying glass paint

Product Details


The film is tough, smooth, strong adhesion, fast drying, and has outstanding chemical functions such as water resistance and acid and alkali resistance. Glass paint manufacturer

Technical Parameters:

1, ratio: paint: curing agent: thinner = 3: 1:1 ~ 1.5

2, construction method: thoroughly remove the stain on the surface of the glass, keep the glass surface clean and boring. The dispensed paint was filtered through a 200 mesh net and allowed to stand for 10 minutes before construction. Adjust the spray gun to the appropriate oil output and gas output to ensure even atomization. The sprayed glass should be placed in a clean, dry environment to be fully cured before it can be packaged. The prepared paint should be used up within 4 hours.

3. Dry conditions: The drying type is dried at 90~120 °C for 0.5~1 hour; the dry type is naturally dry for 48 hours.


Mix and apply the paint and curing agent before use. In order to ensure that the paint has outstanding paint film function, the company's supporting products are used. This product is a two-component glass paint. Please use the paint ratio strictly according to the paint ratio. The test of the function of the paint film should be carried out after the paint is thoroughly dried for 72 hours. Chemical products: Please pay attention to fire protection and labor protection during construction.