Water-based glass paint

Water-based glass paint

Product Details

This product is suitable for the surface coating of glass materials. It can be used for glass cosmetic bottles, glass bottles, glass plating, glass lighting, glass reflective bulbs, glass tea sets, glass sacred balls and other glass products. The paint film has the characteristics of good adhesion, high hardness, water immersion, etc. Glass paint manufacturers

Technical Parameters:

Solid content: 45±1%

Viscosity: 80 ~ 120p;

Gloss: high gloss, matte

Hardness: 3H or more

Adhesion: ≤ one level.

Water resistance: no abnormality after soaking for 6 months

Color selection

HD bright, HD black, HD white, HD medium yellow, HD lemon yellow, HD red, HD rose red, HD blue, HD green, HD purple, HD silver and other primary colors.

Scope of application

Furniture glass, flat glass, tempered glass, lighting glass, crystal steel door, sliding door glass, polycrystalline glass, engineering decorative glass, metal, etc.


Excellent adhesion, high hardness, good weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, good fading, long-lasting performance, good decorative and protective, and bright color construction.