Waterborne 2K glass paint

Waterborne 2K glass paint

Product Details

Tianmai glass paint

First, the performance indicators:

1. Gloss: high light, matte.

2. Hardness: ≥2H.

3. Adhesion: ≤ 0 level.

4. Water resistance: ≥ 7 days, acid resistance (5% Hcl) ≥ 72 hours, alkali resistance (5% NaoH) ≥ 72 hours, (subject to soaking).

Second, the construction clarification:

1. Share: water paint: curing agent: tap water = 5:1:2-4.

2. Drying method: dry at room temperature, dry for ≤ 20 minutes, dry for ≤ 40 minutes, and dry for 24 hours. The drying speed is greatly affected by temperature and humidity. When the humidity is ≥75% and the temperature is ≤15°C, it is recommended to bake at 100°CX for 30 minutes.

3. It is suitable for spraying and brushing. The material used before construction is clean and dry.

Third, the characteristics:

1. Pure water, no triphenyl, formaldehyde-free, tasteless, non-polluting, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. Excellent adhesion, high hardness and chemical resistance.

Fourth, the scope of application:

Widely used in ware glass, architectural decoration glass, ceramic and other surface decoration.

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