Glass, metal screen printing ink

Glass, metal screen printing ink

Product Details

Metal ink refers to an ink made of a small metal foil instead of a pigment or dye in a conventional ink and having a unique metallic glazing effect. Metallic inks are often referred to as silver inks and gold inks. Silver ink is made of aluminum pigment; gold ink is generally made of copper pigment and zinc pigment in different proportions. After controlling and changing their ratio, it can produce green gold, crimson gold, red gold ink or Pantone metallic inks are required.

Electroplating varnish manufacturers: This product is made of high-end imported acrylic resin and high-end pigments. It is suitable for various metal, glass, ceramic, stone, electroplating (aqueous plating), anodized aluminum surface, electrostatic spray paint surface. Silk screen printing and pad printing of paints and other products, without the need for curing agents, without baking, can achieve excellent adhesion.

Ink characteristics:

1, flat light (if you need bright light, please choose our JL series), good adhesion, alcohol resistance, chemical resistance;

2, feel good, good leveling, bright surface;

3, good appearance hardness, strong impact resistance, scratch resistance;

4, good resistance to alcohol, chemical resistance; printing: the choice of mesh is 100-420 mesh, with 120T polyester monofilament, photosensitive adhesive screen version of the coating coverage area of 35 ~ 40m2 per kilogram. The surface dry time is naturally transpiration for 5-10 minutes, the dry time is within 24 hours, and the best after 48 hours.


1. Use B-03 special thinner to open the oil

2. Wash the net with 718 washing net water.

3. You can choose to increase the JS-9 hardener by 10% to increase ink adhesion and physicochemical resistance.

4. The oven is baked at 80 ° C for 30 minutes. Canon is better.

Test method (after thorough boring):

1.3M adhesive tape sticks to the surface of the ink with a hundred grids and is pulled up at a 45-degree angle to quickly pull off the oil.

2. The purity of 99% alcohol 500G force is wiped back and forth 200 times in the ink appearance without discoloration.

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