Glass metal ink

Glass metal ink

Product Details

First, the characteristics

1. Excellent adhesion, high hardness and good toughness.

2. The stereoscopic effect is strong, the fullness is good, and the color is full of color.

3. Easy silk screen printing, good chemical resistance.

Second, the construction instructions:

1. Can be silk screen, can be printed. Dispense ink by share.

2. Dry at room temperature, or bake at 100 ° C - 150 ° C for 15-30 minutes.

Third, the application:

It is applied to the logo silk screen of wine bottles, plastic bottles, glass cups, etc., and the whole surface printing of flat decorative glass.

Application method:

1. Stir well before use and seal at any time after use.

2. After stirring, add the curing agent for 10 minutes, then add 10-15% of the diluent and dilute to the printing viscosity.

3. The ink application time of the curing agent is 4-6 hours. If it is expired, please discard it, and the remaining ink will not be recycled.

4. When the screen is plugged, it can be washed with washing water. 5. Do not mix with other types of ink.


1. The appearance of various materials is similar, but it may be different materials. Customers need to test the printing first, and then make it meet the requirements before mass production.

2. In the process of printing, if there is a phenomenon of drawing or scattering, you can participate in some slow-drying paste.

3. If the ambient temperature is too high, it will affect the original quality of the ink.

4. Please stay away from fire and keep away from light.