Water-based glass ink

Water-based glass ink

Product Details

Water-based self-drying glass ink features: natural boring at room temperature, no baking, excellent water resistance, 100% adhesion, cured film hardness after boring reaches 3-4H. The ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, no irritating odor, available Water dilution, screen printing smooth, surface dry 0.5h, solid dry 12h, ink color is bright, black, white ink concealing rate is high. Post-press screens and things can be cleaned with tap water, which not only reduces production costs, but also protects the environment and workers' health. Waterborne glass paint manufacturers:

Glass ink (oily/aqueous) is suitable for silk screen printing and roll coating process, which constitutes maintenance or decorative texture, and is satisfactory for the tempering process of glass after drying. is widely used in:

1) Construction, furniture glass, automotive glass, photovoltaic glass

2) Electrical glass (refrigerator, freezer, range hood, stove, disinfection cabinet, oven, microwave oven) product advantages:

1, can be directly on the screen or roller

2, no crack after sintering, the appearance is extremely smooth

3, high bonding strength, excellent printability, low cost

4, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali function is strong

5, with high brightness, high concealment coefficient, does not fall, busbar cover function is excellent 6, the color is complete and bright

Available types: oil screen printing, water-based screen printing, water-based roll coating

Printing mesh: Recommended 180-300 mesh screen recommended blade hardness: 70D

Thermal expansion coefficient: 85~95 (107k-1), with float glass-induced. Ink solid content: 70+10%

Slurry fineness: < 8 μM sintering temperature: 680-720 C, suitable for tempered glass.

Dry conditions: 150-180 ° C / 5 minutes application notes:.

1. Stir well before use.

2. Dilute according to the operating environment conditions. Use oily solvents: pine oil, resin, beeswax, wetting agent, etc., water-based special varnish.

3, it is recommended to use the infrared drying machine boring.

4. Recommended thickness of wet film after printing: 25~35microns (Cc.1.2~1.5mils)

Printing viscosity Pa.s. (16000~22000 cps) Ambient temperature: 25+5°C (68~77F).

Storage: Do not open and store at 12~32°C for 12 months.

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