Glass electroplating varnish

Glass electroplating varnish

Product Details

Tianmai Electroplating Varnish is composed of polyurethane resin and various imported auxiliaries and yellowing-resistant curing agents. It only needs low-temperature baking or self-drying to achieve better protection and decoration. It has excellent permeability and gloss retention; adhesion and hardness and salt spray resistance are better, no high temperature baking is required, and it is not easy to discolor the plating layer.


Passivation and sealing treatment improve the anti-tarnishing function of the coating. For example, the white passivation process of the zinc plating layer has poor corrosion resistance, and after the passivation, the passivation film is further sealed, and the discoloration resistance can be remarkably improved. For another example, the copper is plated.

Matching ratio:

Varnish: curing agent: thinner = 100:10:100--200

Dry conditions:

Self-drying (24 hours at room temperature) or baking at 60 ° c - 80 ° c for 30 minutes.

Appearance processing:

The surface of the workpiece should be decontaminated and ensure that the objects are clean and dry.

Packing standard: 4 kg / 18 kg / 180 kg / barrel