Electroplating varnish series

Electroplating varnish series

Product Details

Electroplating varnish is suitable for the glazing and maintenance of electroplating products, electrophoresis products, lighting accessories, and small hardware processing parts. Electroplated varnish has strong adhesion to metals and coatings and is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. After monotonous, the surface of the coating is bright, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, better water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and stable maintenance.


1. Stir well before use.

2. Cleaning related equipment and spray guns, workpieces or coatings must be flat, free of cracks, no particles, etc.

3. It is necessary for the primer to be completely monotonous and then apply UV paint. Otherwise, the paint film will shorten, bite, lose light and other drawbacks.

4. The air compressor needs to be emptied and must not contain oil and water.

5. It is necessary to filter with a filter cloth of 500 mesh or more before use.

6. After UV curing, there is still post-cure process, so the workpiece should be properly maintained after curing.

Inductive high function, high gloss, high fullness, high salt spray resistance, excellent resistance to alcohol and acid and alkali, excellent water resistance.

Recommended use range: suitable for high-end metal plating products

When immersed in a solution containing benzotriazole, the anti-tarnishing ability of the plating layer is improved due to the formation of an adsorption film on the surface.

In many plating types, the anti-tarnishing process has strict process and standards, and as long as it is strictly enforced, the talent reaches the anti-tarnishing intention. Of course, the reasons for discoloration of each plating layer are different, and the methods and processes for preventing discoloration are also different.