Low temperature baking type electroplating varnish

Low temperature baking type electroplating varnish

Product Details

Low-temperature baking type electroplating varnish is widely used in the plating surface of various products for maintenance.


Coating on the coating, including coating and other thin organic maintenance films. More typical is the anti-tarnish treatment of silver plating, such as maintenance by electrophoretic coating, which is now commonly used in the musical instrument industry. Silver plating is also commonly used in organic solvent maintenance layers, such as BY-2, DJB-823, TX anti-silver coloring agent, etc., which can form a solid film on the surface of the silver plating layer, so as to shield the corrosive medium and avoid discoloration.

Product indicators:

1. Adhesion ≤ 1 level;

2, hardness ≥ 3H (Chinese pencil);

3, gloss ≥ 100 degrees;

4, salt spray resistance ≥ 72 hours.


Matching ratio:

Varnish: curing agent: thinner = 100:10:100--200

Dry conditions:

Bake for 30 minutes from dry (24 hours at room temperature) or 60 ° C to 80 ° C.