Water-based self-drying electroplating varnish

Water-based self-drying electroplating varnish

Product Details

Water-based self-drying electroplating varnish: This product is composed of water-based resin additives, which can be self-dried or baked at low temperature for a short time to achieve better protection and decoration. This product is diluted with water, low-carbon, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, dip-coated and spray-coated, with excellent permeability and gloss retention; adhesion and hardness and salt spray resistance are not as good as baking.

Product goal:

1. Adhesion ≤ 1 level;

2, hardness ≥ 1H (Chinese pencil);

3, gloss ≥ 100 degrees;

4, salt spray resistance ≥ 24 hours.

Matching ratio: (the less the water, the higher the gloss)

Varnish: tap water (perhaps distilled water) = 100:20--100

Construction method: dip coating and spraying.

Drying conditions:

It takes 24-48 hours to dry at room temperature; perhaps 60-80 °c for 10 minutes.

Surface treatment: The surface of the workpiece should be degreased and cleaned, dry and free from contamination.

Packing specification: 5 kg / 18 kg / 100 kg / barrel


Matters needing attention: the construction temperature is between 10 °c - 40 °c, the construction humidity can not be greater than 80%, the product must be fully stirred before use and after the ratio; it is strictly prohibited with other paints, oils, contaminated water, etc. mixing.