Colored floor paint

Colored floor paint

Product Details

The floor paint was invented in Germany in 1934. It is mainly made of oil, tree material, color, solvent, etc., and is mainly divided into decorative floor paint, heavy anti-corrosion floor paint, and heavy-duty floor paint.

Epoxy floor paint has the characteristics of bright, real, beautiful, wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

The floor paint with landscaping and decoration as the primary effect has the functions of anti-seepage, dustproof, easy to disinfect and clean. Common varieties are solvent-based epoxy floor paint, solvent-free epoxy self-leveling paint, solvent-based polyurethane paint, epoxy color sand stone paint, acrylic paint and so on. It is used in public places and commercial places such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, terminals, lobbies, parks, etc. It is also used for light industrial floor.

Epoxy floor paint utility differentiation

First, the scope of application: for general electrical appliances, electronics, machinery, food, medicine, clothing, stationery, printing and dyeing, textiles, hardware, furniture, printing and packaging, plastics and other production plants on the cement or terrazzo floor. It can also be used in campuses, libraries, indoor parking lot exhibition halls and other places.

Second, the function features:

(1) dustproof, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, water-proof

(2) can be matte, bright, semi-dumb and anti-slip effect

(3) Low cost, easy to clean, protect the convenience

(4) rich in color, the surface effect is extremely beautiful

Third, the film thickness and service life see:

The service life is about 6 years

Epoxy floor paint construction process:

(1), root treatment: grinding the ground with a grinder and cleaning the dust.

(2) Epoxy floor paint scraping epoxy primer: Scrape epoxy penetrating sealing primer to add adhesion of paint layer. (3), batch leveling putty layer: batch two times to level the putty layer to better fill the ground.

(4), rolling paint layer: After the material is evenly mixed, the wearable top coat layer is evenly coated with the trowel.

(5), after the completion of maintenance, it can be put into operation after one week.