Self-leveling high-gloss floor paint

Self-leveling high-gloss floor paint

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Epoxy floor paint - epoxy floor paint common sense

Epoxy floor paint is a particularly beautiful and durable floor paint. In the middle and late part of the last century, there were many clean workshop floors in Europe and America. It used an integral polymer surface layer called epoxy floor paint. The main components were epoxy resin and curing agent.

1. Before the construction of epoxy antirust paint, remove the oil, dust, water traces and other debris on the ground. The ground needs to pass the curing period, and its water content is less than 10%.

2. Component 1 and component 2 are mixed at a ratio of 4:1 (weight ratio) before application, and the mixture is well mixed and matured for 30 minutes.

3. The construction of this product should be carried out at a surface temperature of 10 °C or higher.

Epoxy floor paint

4, paint with the use, mixed paint, should be used within 6 hours.

5. The application between the two coatings should be carried out after the lower layer is completely boring.

6. Epoxy floor paint should be used after 7 days of continuous drying in a ventilated environment.

7. The color diversity of epoxy floor paint can relieve people's visual fatigue.

Applicable substrate: cement floor, concrete floor, etc.

Undercoat: Epoxy floor closure primer, epoxy floor paint