Epoxy gray floor paint

Epoxy gray floor paint

Product Details

Epoxy floor paint has the characteristics of bright, real, beautiful, wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-corrosion. The floor paint, which is the main effect of beautifying and decorating the ground, has the functions of anti-seepage, dustproof, easy to disinfect and clean. Common types are solvent-based epoxy floor paint, solvent-free epoxy self-leveling paint, solvent-based polyurethane paint, epoxy color sand stone paint, acrylic paint and so on. It is used in public places and commercial places such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, terminals, lobbies, parks, etc. It is also used for light industrial floor. Epoxy anti-rust paint will find the pulse,

Epoxy floor paint construction steps:

(1), root treatment: grinding the ground with a grinder and cleaning the dust.

(2) Epoxy floor paint scraping epoxy primer: Scrape epoxy penetrating sealing primer to add adhesion of paint layer.

(3), batch leveling putty layer: batch two times to level the putty layer to better fill the ground.

(4), rolling paint layer: After mixing the data evenly, evenly apply the wearable topcoat layer twice with the gentian.

(5), after one week of completion and maintenance, it can be put into normal use.


1. Before the construction of the epoxy floor paint, remove the oil, dust, water marks and other debris on the ground. The ground needs to pass the maintenance period, and the water content is less than 10%.

2. Component 1 and component 2 are mixed at a ratio of 4:1 (weight ratio) before application, and the mixture is well mixed and matured for 30 minutes.

3. The construction of this product should be carried out at a surface temperature of 10 °C or higher.

4, paint with the use, mixed paint, should be used within 6 hours.

5. The application between the two coatings is to be carried out after the lower layer is completely boring.

6. After the completion of the construction of the epoxy floor paint, it should be used in the ventilated environment for 7 days.

7, the color diversity of epoxy floor paint can be a good relief of people's visual fatigue.

Applicable substrate: cement floor, concrete floor, etc.

Supporting undercoating: epoxy floor sealing primer, epoxy floor coating