Self-leveling epoxy floor paint

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint

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Epoxy flooring, the main component is epoxy resin and curing agent. Self-leveling epoxy floor paint is used to find Tianmai, please contact us for details!


Epoxy floor paint has strong acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, dustproof, anti-slip, anti-static, electromagnetic wave and other characteristics. The color is bright and diverse, and easy to clean. Widely used in electronics factories, machinery manufacturers, hardware factories, pharmaceutical factories, automobile factories, hospitals, aviation, aerospace bases, laboratories, offices, supermarkets, paper mills, chemical plants, plastic processing plants, textile mills, tobacco, grass Surface coating of factories, confectionery factories, wineries, beverage factories, meat processing plants, parking lots, etc.


Epoxy floor paint can be roughly divided into: thin coating epoxy floor, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, epoxy anti-static floor, garage slope special floor epoxy color sand floor, sports Dedicated floor, etc.


1. Excellent adhesion;

2. Excellent resistance to chemicals;

3. Good toughness;

4: There is a certain wetting force;

5: Meet environmental requirements and obtain thick film coating;

6: It can be dried at room temperature, and can be baked at high temperature to satisfy different construction requirements;

7: It has excellent electrical insulating properties and has many advantages, but it is also insufficient, and its photoaging property is poor. After the paint film is illuminated by sunlight (ultraviolet rays), the weather resistance in the field is poor. Therefore, the epoxy resin is generally not resistant to the sun in the field, the paint film is easy to lose light and discoloration, and then powdered, and should not be used as a top coat in the field.