High gloss high hard wine bottle paint

High gloss high hard wine bottle paint

Product Details

Epoxy polyurethane synthetic resin selected from Tianmai glass high gloss and high hardness wine bottle paint is a resin material with high hardness. The wear resistance of the appearance of the paint after film formation was treated.

Technical Parameters:

1. Adhesion: ≤ 0 grade, hardness ≥ 3H.

2. Water resistance: ≥ 60 days (soaking).

3. Acid resistance: ≥ 7 days (5% Hcl).

4. Alkali resistance: ≥ 7 days (5% NaoH).

5. High light, matte.

High light and high hard wine bottle paint performance characteristics:

High gloss, high fullness and high transparency.

Self-drying at room temperature or baking at 120 ° C for 30 minutes

Construction instructions:

1. Share, main agent: curing agent: thinner = 2:1:1-1.5.

2. The raw materials used must be clean and dry.

3. Suitable for spraying and coating.

The bottle paint is made of self-developed water-based thermosetting resin and other water-based environmentally friendly raw materials. Tap water is used as a thinner for paint. It is one of the products that can replace traditional soluble paint on the market. The construction process of this product is simple, clean and environmentally friendly. After the construction, the spraying equipment can be cleaned with tap water, so that the equipment is clean and new, not easy to corrode and aging. This product has excellent adhesion on most glass appearances, and the paint film is full and translucent, hardness, adhesion, paint film color is bright, water resistance, solvent resistance and other excellent functions, all the functional targets are higher than the traditional solvent-based glass paint.