Water-based baking type bottle paint

Water-based baking type bottle paint

Product Details

This product is suitable for exterior coating of glass, ceramics and other wine bottles. The paint film has the characteristics of good adhesion, high hardness, water resistance and alcohol resistance.

2. The water bottle paint is made of water as a thinner. Water-based paint will not form environmental pollution before and after construction, nor will it harm human health. It is a new environmentally friendly product, and its performance indicators are superior to ordinary paints. It has a full film, smooth, high hardness and strong adhesion. , anti-yellowing, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, boring fast, good long-lasting performance, construction, no bubbles when curing

Water-based wine bottle paint does not contain organic solvents, does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, non-toxic, non-influenced odor, harmless to the human body, does not pollute the environment, the film is full, crystal clear, flexible And it has water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance and boring speed.


Does not return to stickiness, does not drop paint, long-lasting adhesion does not decay, no significant aging period, half-life.

High hardness, no fingerprints, cleaning collision, no friction on the packaging, (this is oily and hard).

At the same time, it has high flexibility and impact resistance (metal adhesion).

Heat-resistant baking does not change yellow, and the process of decal paper does not lose light.

Construction clarification:

Proportion: dilution share is 100 parts paint + (0.5 ~ 2) parts of auxiliary + 30-50 tap water

Drying time: ≥150°C×25 minutes or more baking

Construction conditions: spray dip coating