Water-based glass bottle

Water-based glass bottle

Product Details

Waterborne glass bottle paint is suitable for spraying glass bottles.

Tianmai wine bottle paint has rich paint film, bright color, smoothness, high hardness, strong adhesion, yellowing resistance, water resistance, alcohol resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, strong UV resistance, no fading Durable, excellent decorative and protective, and convenient construction.

Use: first dilute the product with clean water, the dilution ratio is paint: water = 1: 0.1-0.3, can be diluted according to different construction techniques and habits, can also be diluted.

First, the characteristics:

1. Using water as a diluent, low carbon, healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. Excellent adhesion and high hardness.

3. Resistant to alcohol, water, chemicals, and colorful colors.

Second, the construction clarification:

1. Add 30-60% tap water, it should be sprayed.

2. ≥ 150 ° C baking for more than 25 minutes.

Third, use:

Widely used in the surface decoration of glass, ceramics and wine bottles.

Guangzhou Tianmai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and manages related chemical materials such as glass ink, glass paint, metal paint, floor paint and water-based paint.

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