Metal paint series

Metal paint series

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Metallic paint, English name Metallic Paint, metal paint refers to a room temperature curing coating with fine metal particles added to the paint base, which is a popular automotive topcoat. A fine aluminum particle is added to the lacquer base, and the light is reflected on the aluminum granule and then reflected by the aluminum granule through the lacquer film.

Metallic paint, also known as metallic varnish, has a fine metal powder (such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.) added to its paint base. After the light is incident on the metal powder, it is reflected through the gas film. Thus, it looks as if the metal is shining the same. This kind of metallic varnish gives people a feeling of pleasure, lightness and novelty. By changing the shape and size of the metal powder, it can control the brightness of the metal glaze film; on the outside of the metal lacquer, a layer of varnish is usually added. protection.

The main application area for metallic paints is the automotive industry. The exterior of the car painted with metallic paint can not only make the appearance of the painted parts look more splendid, but also change the color of the car and even the outline at different angles due to the refraction of light. Let the appearance of the whole car look richer and more interesting, which is one of the reasons why "metal paint" will become more and more popular.