Waterborne metal baking varnish

Waterborne metal baking varnish

Product Details

Tianmai Waterborne Metallic Paint Features:

It has good water dilution, low odor, safety, environmental protection and simple and convenient construction. After boring, it can withstand water, dry speed, excellent adhesion, high hardness, good resistance and good chemical resistance. Can completely replace traditional oil paint.

Waterborne metallic paint notes:

1. The paint before the end of the paint film is protected from water;

2. This product is water-based paint and can not be mixed with other oil paints;

3. After the paint is stored for a long time, it may be finely precipitated and mixed thoroughly before use to prevent color error or unevenness;

4, when doing repeated coatings should be dried after 15 minutes / 25 degrees normal temperature or low temperature baking (finger touch the bottom layer is not sticky) before the second construction;

5. If the paint sticks to the eyes during construction, it should be rinsed with clean water immediately, and should go to the hospital if necessary.


Technical Parameters:

Solid content: 45±1%;

Fineness: ≤ 5μm;

Viscosity: 80 ~ 120p;

Adhesion: ≤ one level.

Gloss: high gloss, matte

Salt spray resistance: ≥ 96 hours

Hardness: 3H or more


Construction clarification:

Thinner: tap water / purified water (ratio: paint: tap water 1:0.3 to 1)

Drying time: baking 120 ° C × 25 minutes or more

Dry film thickness: 25-30μm

Construction conditions: spray dip coating

Standard packaging: 5kg/18kg/100kg drum