Water-based self-drying metal paint

Water-based self-drying metal paint

Product Details

Water-based self-drying metal paint: excellent water dilution, low odor, safe, environmentally friendly, easy to construct. After drying, it can withstand water, fast drying speed, excellent adhesion, high hardness and good resistance. Can completely replace traditional oil paint.


Water-based self-drying metal paint

(1) Composition: It is composed of water-based acrylic resin, inorganic binder, preservative, organic pigment and special auxiliary agent, and is a one-component self-drying water-based paint.

(2) Precautions for use: Before the paint film is dry, the paint should be protected from water; the construction environment should be kept at a relative temperature of not less than 65% and the temperature is not lower than 8 °C; if the paint adheres to the eyes during construction, Rinse immediately with clean water and go to the hospital if necessary.


Technical Parameters:

Solid content: 45±1%

Dry time: self-drying at room temperature or baking at 70 ° C - 100 ° C × 10 minutes

Dry film thickness: 25-30μm

Gloss: high gloss, matte

Hardness: 1H or more

Water resistance: ≥48 hours

Adhesion: ≤ one level

Salt spray resistance: ≥24 hours


When used: tap water / purified water (proportion: paint: tap water 1:0.3 ~ 1)

Construction conditions: spray dip coating

Standard packaging: 5kg/18kg/100kg drum


It has good water dilution, low odor, safety, environmental protection and simple and convenient construction. After boring, it can withstand water, dry speed, high hardness, good adhesion and toughness, and suitable for water-based protection of metal products.