Metal crack paint

Metal crack paint

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The crack lacquer process is to spray a crack topcoat which is significantly different from the color of the primer on the surface of the object to be coated. When the crack topcoat is formed into a film, the interior of the paint film is greatly reduced due to the volume shortening due to the rapid evaporation of the solvent. Crack, at this time, irregular crack voids appear on the surface of the coating film, so that the color of the bottom layer different from the color of the crack topcoat is revealed in the crack gap, thus forming the beautiful crack shape we need. The markings.


The crack lacquer is made of nitrocellulose, pigments, extender pigments, organic solvents, adjuvants, etc., which can form nitro crack paints of various colors. It is also true that crack paints also have some basic characteristics of nitrocellulose lacquers. It is a volatile self-drying paint, no need to add curing agent, and it has a fast drying speed. Therefore, the cracked paint must be completely fused on one or more layers of the nitrocellulose surface of the same characteristics and exhibit another crack characteristic of the cracked paint. Because the crack paint has high powder content and high volatility of the solvent, it has large shrinkage and low flexibility. The internal stress after spraying produces high pulling strength, forming a good and uniform crack pattern and enhancing the surface of the coating. To improve the decorative.


The crack paint is a one-component paint. It is not necessary to use other curing agents when the paint is applied. The construction viscosity can be adjusted with a suitable amount of special crack water produced by the same factory for construction. After thoroughly mixing the adjusted crack paint, it can be applied by filtering with a 100-200 mesh filter. The paint liquid is now ready for use. Once manufactured, it should not be used within 2 hours for more than 4 hours. After the paint is opened, it must be sealed immediately to avoid evaporation, moisture absorption and deterioration, affecting the application.


The construction crack paint generally has better spray coating effect, and the crack pattern is round and natural and uniform. If the hand brush is used, the crack will be affected by the gesture and uneven direction of the paint, and the crack pattern will be uneven and the texture will be rough and rough. .

Before the construction of the crack paint, the primer should be applied first. The primer can be selected from the same crack primer used in the same factory. It can also use the aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other colored primer. Generally, the color contrast between the primer and the top paint. The bigger the stereoscopic effect, the better the effect. However, if it is applied on polystyrene plastic (PS), it is possible to spray crack paint directly without having to make a primer.