Water-based glass paint

Water-based glass paint

Product Details

Water-based glass baking varnish: widely used in lamps, glass cups, cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, vases and other utensils glass and ceramic exterior coating. Water-based glass paint will find the pulse.


1. The above is used as a thinner, low carbon, healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. Excellent adhesion and high hardness.

3. Good transparency, high gloss and good chemical resistance.

Construction clarification:

Proportion: dilution share is 100 parts of water paint + (0.5 ~ 1) parts of auxiliary + 30-50 tap water

Drying time: ≥150°C×25 minutes or more baking

Construction conditions: spray dip coating

Standard packaging: 5kg/18kg/100kg drum

This product is composed of epoxy acrylic resin, cross-linking agent, imported pigment and filler, adhesion aid and solvent.

Easy to clean

Water-based glass coating materials can be cleaned with water, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning solvents. Let construction companies save money from the source and enhance product competitiveness.

The product is carefully tailored according to the special requirements of the customer's wine bottle. The product has good adhesion to the glass substrate, excellent waterproof and moisture resistance, and the paint film can be soaked in cold water for a long time without affecting the function. Soaked in alcohol for 72 hours without whitish, no soft, no fading, boiled in boiling water for seven days without losing light, no blistering, no discoloration, no change in the function of yellow-white liquor for 24 hours.