Waterborne crack paint

Waterborne crack paint

Product Details

First, the characteristics:

1. Pure water, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The crack texture is uniform and the appearance is strong, which is superior to the traditional oily crack paint.

3. Good adhesion and strong toughness.

Second, the use of:

Can be used for a variety of raw materials, for art paint, construction is extremely simple.

Third, note:

1. Strictly use the primers, topcoats and foundations provided by our company.

2. The primer is boring and slow, and it is easy to produce oil vortex, but it does not affect the crack effect.

3. The paint is thick and thick, and the thickness of the spray affects the crack size.

Third, water-based crack paint construction:

Spray the water-based crack paint on the exterior of the primer (the primer needs to be dry) after coating the water resistance.

The specific steps are as follows: After the surface of the primer is dried, the crack paint is diluted with water to a proportion of 0-10 and mixed uniformly, and then uniformly painted on the outer surface of the primer.

Fourth, the construction process:

1. The workpiece is cleaned, the crack primer is distributed according to the share, the mixture is evenly mixed, and sprayed on the workpiece.

2. After 30 minutes, distribute the crack top coat by the amount and spray it on the already sprayed primer.

Five, boring conditions:

1. Natural boring 30 minutes - 24 hours

2. Bake at 80 ° C for 5-10 minutes at low temperature or high humidity.


The construction temperature is between 10 °c and 40 °c, the construction humidity can not be greater than 80%, and the product must be thoroughly mixed before and after the product is applied;

Do not mix with other paints, oils, contaminated water, etc. Appearance processing:

The appearance of the workpiece should be degreased and cleaned with dry and dirty materials.

Packing specification: 5 kg / barrel, 20 kg / barrel, 100 kg / barrel