Colored pavement series

Colored pavement series

Product Details

The colored pavement is a mixture of white, red, green, yellow and other pigments mixed in asphalt mixture or concrete. It is paved with pavements of various colors, or paved with colorful blocks. It can be clearly displayed on crosswalks, incidents, quiet areas, lanes, emergency parking spaces, road shoulders, etc. For example, foreign countries often paved red pavements in many locations; paved with colorful blocks on public squares and parking lots. Colorful wear-resistant pavement paint manufacturers

Scope of application: asphalt and cement and various road surfaces.

How to use: Under the condition that all kinds of preparations such as clean and dry road surface, personnel and things are prepared, pour the initiator into the newly opened paint bucket and use the electric mixing rod to mix quickly. Evenly, then it is flattened and evenly spread on the road surface to be constructed. It usually solidifies within hours and can be opened to traffic.

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