Double propylene polyurethane sealant

Double propylene polyurethane sealant

Product Details

Tianmai double-propylene polyurethane sealant is a product used by our company for many years, such as outdoor concrete, masonry, etc., which is widely welcomed by the market.

First, the characteristics:

1. High gloss, high hardness and good resistance.

2. Good hydrophobicity, good water resistance and strong permeability, easy to remove accumulated water.

3. Good weather resistance, used for outdoor roads or floor appearance. In the absence of motor vehicles, it can be guaranteed for 2-5 years, no discoloration, no falling off, no powdering.

Second, the construction instructions:

1. Proportional oil adjustment, suitable for weather spraying.

2. The road surface or the floor surface must be clean, dry and not wet, and it should not be rainy or tidal.

3. It is necessary to dry the concrete-containing pavement, and the pan-alkali will be re-constructed in 30 days.

4. The road surface can be used 24 hours after spraying.

Third, use:

Used in concrete, asphalt, squares, parks, sidewalks and other exterior finishes. Beautify the clean road to facilitate the removal of stagnant water.

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