Waterborne nano-coating

Waterborne nano-coating

Product Details

First, product performance:

1. Excellent hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, the contact angle of water beads on the surface of TM2000 coating is ≥107°, and the contact angle of edible peanut oil on the exterior of the coating is ≥90°.

2. Excellent self-cleaning performance, such as: handwriting marked on the exterior of the paint with oily or water-based markers, can not easily write or write handwriting, easy to scrub with paper towels or dry cloth, and this self-cleaning function The durability is very good.

3. Long weather resistance, weather resistance of TM2000 coating Quv ≥ 2000h.

4. Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to 5% nitric acid ≥ 48h, 5% NaoH solution ≥ 48h, neutral salt spray ≥ 1000h.

5. High wear resistance, the hardness of the coating can reach 6H-8H or more, and the resistance of 0000# steel wool 500g can be passed back and forth 100 times.

6. The coating has good adhesion to metal and inorganic substrates.

7. Good resistance, positive and negative impact, 90° bending, no abnormal film.

8. Anti-acetone scrub ≥ 300 times, alcohol-resistant scrub ≥ 500 times.

9. Pure water, zero VOC, no heavy metals and EU banned ingredients.

Second, the application:

1. Applied to stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, color steel products and elevator appearance.

2. Fine timepieces, medical equipment and other exterior coatings.

3. Rail transit and urban public facilities, kitchen and bathroom products.

Third, the operation notes:

1. The paint belongs to the direct use type, and needs to be evenly mixed before use, and sprayed with an air spray gun with a diameter of 0.15 or 0.2 mm. The air pressure is 3-4 Pa and the gun distance is generally about 15-25 cm.

2. The sprayed film should be allowed to stand for about 15 minutes, and gradually baked at a temperature of 170 ± 5 ° C. The time is usually 30 minutes.

3. Since the coating is a low surface energy product, it cannot be recoated. If recoating is required, the coating must be sanded and cleaned.

Fourth, storage and packaging:

1. Please keep the package sealed and store it in a dry and ventilated area. Please place it with other volatile chemical data to avoid absorption of these materials by nanodata.

2. Packing: 20kg/25kg/barrel.

3. Produced in Germany.