Floor paint construction acceptance standard floor paint construction plan
- 2018-07-18-

Floor paint construction plan

Preliminary work

a. Measuring the surface moisture content of the construction floor should be less than 8%;

b. Measure the air humidity of the construction environment, which should be less than 75%;

c. Measure the construction environment temperature, which should be greater than 5 °C;

d. Measure the actual construction area of the construction floor.

2, the underlying processing

a. Remove the old paint and paint mottle from the original floor;

b. Remove cement rafts and other protrusions from the original floor;

c. eradicating the original floor oil;

d. eradicate the wet part of the original floor;

e. Adding the empty shell portion of the original floor;

f. repairing the original floor crack and defective holes;

After the af process is completed, it is necessary to polish the symbol on the ground for a few times to correct the horizontal drop.

3. Floor paint construction process

a. Primer draws the epoxy primer with a long-haired roller, and coats the floor (or selects the coating method); after a little drying, the epoxy resin primer should be applied to the larger part;

b. After the squeegee epoxy mortar primer is dry, apply the main agent, curing agent, quartz sand and talcum powder in the epoxy resin, mix it evenly and then adjust it into epoxy mortar, and scrape the floor with a scraper. Then some of the defective holes are filled;

c. Scratch the first time epoxy putty: After the epoxy mortar layer is dry, polish and clean, use the epoxy resin to apply the main agent, curing agent, talcum powder, mix it evenly and then adjust it into epoxy putty, with scraper Scratch the floor again, and then fill some of the defective holes;

d. After scraping the epoxy pimp for the second time, the epoxy putty is dried for the first time. After the epoxy resin is applied, the main agent, curing agent and talcum powder are mixed in a certain proportion and then adjusted into epoxy putty, which is scraped with a scraper. Ping once again, polishing the floor after boring;

e. After grinding the second time, the putty is boring. After filling the hole, polish it with fine sandpaper, completely eliminate the knife marks and remove dust.

f. Apply epoxy resin topcoat twice with short-haired roller to pick epoxy surface coating main agent: curing agent = 2:1 (component ratio) full coating floor, after drying, repair defects and remove particles, brushing Two times epoxy resin topcoat.