What are the problems with the epoxy floor paint in the underground parking lot?
- 2018-06-11-

Analysis of the causes of problems in the use of epoxy floor paint in underground parking lots:

1. The reason why the epoxy floor paint has been widely used in indoor concrete is because the epoxy floor paint has a very good adhesion to the concrete floor, and under normal circumstances, it is separated from the concrete floor. The rate is zero at all. At present, there are two main reasons for the large-scale delamination and shedding of epoxy floor coatings during use:

a. The construction of the original concrete floor is not up to standard, and the sanding and powdering phenomenon is more severe.

b. The groundwater moisture target of the concrete was not detected before the construction of the epoxy floor paint, and no waterproof layer was made on the ground of the underground parking lot.

2. The driving lane is caused by the frequent rolling of the vehicle for a long time, which causes the epoxy floor paint to wear too fast. Therefore, it is recommended that the underground parking lane be used as an epoxy mortar floor.

3. Underground parking lot Because of the entry and exit of vehicles, it often brings in some hard objects such as sand and stones. It is very simple to scratch the ground. This requires maintenance of the epoxy floor paint in the underground parking lot. Professional maintenance can be useful. Extend the service life of epoxy floor paint in underground parking lots.

Epoxy floor paint is widely used in underground parking lots due to its excellent decoration, non-slip wear resistance, dustproof and easy maintenance. However, in actual operation, underground floor parking is often used as epoxy floor paint. Present some questions:

1. The epoxy floor paint coating exhibits delamination and peeling during the application process.

2. The driving lanes tend to be more worn than the epoxy floor paints in the parking spaces, especially at the entrances and exits and at the corners.

3. The service life of epoxy floor paint in underground parking lots often fails to meet customer planning requirements.