Double propylene polyurethane sealant construction process and precautions
- 2018-07-18-

Double propylene polyurethane sealant construction process and precautions

construction process:
1. Set traffic ban, clean the road surface, no accumulation of dust or water, wet ground should be dried.
2. Pre-design the spray pattern and stick the wide tape.
3. Mix the sealant, add the thinner, and mix with portable electric mixer for more than three minutes.
4. Spray with airless sprayer, first spray the marginal junction, then quickly spray the center part, spray it within 20 minutes under normal conditions, special conditions should not exceed 40 minutes, if the situation needs exceed 40 minutes, If the demand increases the thinner, the sprayer should be sorted out first.
5. Finish the sprayer after spraying.
6. After 4 hours of spraying, the traffic ban will be waived, and the rainy weather should be avoided during the spraying period.


The sealer is a two-component polyurethane with 16 kg in Group A and 4 kg in Group B. Mix before use. The time available for mixing is 60 minutes. Because this product has a high solid content, it is more viscous. When applying, it is necessary to use thinner for cooperation. The recommended amount of thinner summer is 6-8 kg, and the winter referral is 4--6 kg. It can also be added more. The set can add 10 kg more, depending on the specific conditions.
The diluent is high-purity xylene or dichloroethane. Dichloropropane, ethyl acetate and 120# solvent oil can also be used. Because the diluent is dangerous, it is not convenient to transport, so it needs to be purchased locally, generally on the local website or chemical. The market is very simple to buy. It is strictly forbidden to use ethanol, banana water, and general paint thinner, which will form a paint that does not dry or may fall off.
This product should be sprayed with an airless sprayer, usually one barrel can be sprayed in 20 minutes. The use of small watering can should be used now, because the small sprayer has a slower spray rate, so it is not recommended. If it must be used, please match it with 3--5 kg each time. .
There should be no dust on the ground before spraying, no water accumulation, no water should be seen within 1 hour after spraying. The traffic is open after four hours.
This product is generally used as a permeable floor surface sealant. It can also be used as an asphalt pavement or a concrete cover on a concrete pavement. The dosage is one to four kilograms per kilogram ( 所 所 所 所 所 所 所 所 所 所 所)
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