The difference between art floor and epoxy floor Guangzhou Tianmai supply high quality floor paint
- 2018-07-18-

Epoxy floor paint and art floor are now two kinds of products that are widely used in industrial and commercial floors. What are the similarities and differences between the two types of floors? Which places are suitable for use?

Epoxy floor paint is the same as the art floor:

Both epoxy floor paint and art floor are non-slip, impact resistant and pressure resistant, and are equally economical.

Epoxy floor paint features:

1. Epoxy floor paint material is a kind of chemical function product. It belongs to the same type of paint. The volatile solvent used is mostly benzene. It can cause potential damage to the human body during construction and application.

2. Epoxy floor paint is only dry after the ground is completely dry (1 to 2 months). It is constructed by brushing from scratch, at least 28 days, and the construction period is long.

3, epoxy floor paint has a very good beauty, diverse colors, adapt to the conflict, the impact of light local use.

4. After the construction of the epoxy floor paint materials, the daily protection requirements on the ground are very high during the application process, and the protection cost is high.

5. The epoxy floor paint material is a kind of external data attached to the bottom layer by using its own adhesive force, and the underlying layer is not completely formed and the bottom layer is peeled off.

The biggest difference between epoxy floor paint and art floor is that the art floor can not only be used indoors but also for outdoor use, while epoxy floor paint can only be used indoors because of its poor weather resistance. For example, the use of epoxy floor in the parking lot, the art floor is streaked, more artistic, and the decoration effect is better, so it can be used in many roads such as municipal engineering, park community, etc. The direction of use is different.

Artistic floor features:

1. The art floor material is a colorful granular powder with special cement components inside, which is constructed in parallel with the concrete. It is sprinkled on the outer surface of the crucible before it solidifies, so it can be completely bonded with the base crucible to form a colorful high-strength, wear-resistant hardened pavement, and the compressive strength can reach above 80MPA.

2. There is no seam in one piece, so there is no problem of falling.

3. The surface layer has anti-slip function, and the green product meets environmental protection requirements.

4. It can realistically simulate natural grain functions such as slate, limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, bluestone, wood, masonry and round stone.

5, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, economical and use, the appearance of quality first-class.