Waterborne metal paint has become a mainstream product in the waterborne coating industry.
- 2018-08-15-

The development of water-based coatings is following the progress of industrialization and urbanization. Environmental quality has an increasingly important impact on people's physical and mental health. Therefore, environmental quality has received more and more attention.

Characteristics of Tianmai Waterborne Metallic Paint

1. Advanced process formula and scientific design plan:

With water as thinner, it is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, no waste, non-combustible and non-explosive, ensuring environmental protection and fire safety, and ensuring the health of workers.

2, tough film function is excellent:

It has high hardness, scratch resistance, strong adhesion, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and super strong film flexibility.

3, efficiency and energy saving reduce the cost:

The product uses water as a diluent, and the operation is simple. The utilization rate of the product is 100%, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, and the unit coating cost is extremely low.

Some people in the industry believe that water-based paint products have become the mainstream products in the coating industry. Moreover, the water-based paint does not contain benzene, acetone, solvent gasoline, Tianna water, etc., and has the characteristics of being safe, non-combustible and non-explosive, which greatly reduces the risk factors in the production and transportation process. Paint the house with water-based paint, as well as quick-drying, easy-to-coat features, no time constraints after painting, and you can stay after painting.