Waterborne metal baking paint spraying precautions
- 2018-07-05-

The construction process on different metal materials is similar, but what should we pay attention to during the spraying process?

1. Pretreatment of the surface of the substrate: degreasing, descaling, decontamination, etc.

2. Uniform agitation: No matter which manufacturer, the uniform mixing of water-based paint is the most important, especially diluted with water.

3. The spraying environment should be clean: Because the air has dust particles attached to the surface of the product during construction, it is best to do a dust-free workshop.

4. The dilution ratio of water-based metal baking paint must refer to the ratio description of each water-based paint manufacturer, and then fine-tune according to the requirements of its own products.

5. The spraying pressure should be appropriate, the nozzle pressure should be kept at 3-4kg/cm2. The fog amplitude should be adjusted to medium pressure to 3-4kg/cm. It can also be adjusted according to different brand spray guns.

6. The baking temperature of the water-based paint must refer to the baking instructions of each water paint factory. The baking temperature directly affects the performance of the water paint and the appearance of the product. When the temperature is too low, the performance is not optimal, and when it is too high, it may become yellow and fragile.

7. The construction requirements can guarantee the spraying quality of the sprayed metal water paint. It is recommended to find some professional metal paint sprayers to spray the paint, not only to ensure the decorative appearance of the metal paint, but more importantly to ensure its The performance is stable during use, and there is no cracking and peeling.

Waterborne metal baking paint can be wet sprayed or sprayed repeatedly, which greatly reduces the scrap rate of the substrate. For better, higher quality products, it is recommended to find some professional manufacturers of metal baking varnish! Recommended Tianmai water lacquer, they are the leader in waterborne metal lacquer .