Several points that must be known before the construction of self-leveling epoxy floor paint
- 2018-07-18-

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint is mainly for the general floor coatings. It is difficult to meet the demanding requirements of high-cleaning places in GMP regulations. It is made of 100% solid content of special epoxy resin. It has green environmental protection and luster. High degree, one-time film thickness, strong film and abrasion resistance, etc. It is an ideal floor coating system for electronics factories and pharmaceutical factories with high cleanliness requirements.

Self-leveling epoxy floor paint is a relatively high quality floor paint product. Its main features are high purity, beautiful, environmental protection and high construction efficiency. However, if the operation is not proper during the construction process, quality problems will arise, and even rework will be required, and manpower and resources will be ruined. So what are the details that need to be noticed during the construction of epoxy self-leveling floor paint?

1. It is first determined whether the ground is suitable for self-leveling epoxy floor paint . If the bottom gap is too large, it needs to be sanded first. The inner drop of 2 square meters is >3 mm, the ground is uneven, and the inner drop of 2 square meters is <=3 mm.="" -3="" square="" meters="" inside="" the="" gap="">= 5-10 mm is not smooth.

2. The doors and windows of the self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction site are closed tightly, and the construction site should be closed space. Construction areas should not be interspersed. Otherwise, dust, insects and other debris will fall on the outer coating, resulting in a rough and uneven surface of the self-leveling epoxy floor paint.

3, self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction temperature ≥ 5 ° C, if you want to work at < 5="" °="" c,="" choose="" a="" special=""> Humidity is recommended to be constructed below 75%. Ensure air circulation during construction. When using the amount of modulation, it should not exceed 30 minutes. Prevent the problem that the epoxy self-leveling floor paint is not dry and the appearance is white.

4. In order to prevent the occurrence of problems such as self-leveling epoxy floor paint, surface powder, etc., the cement-based self-leveling mortar should be strictly controlled during the construction of the water. The construction should first determine the standard amount of water, and set a special person to weigh. Add water to ensure that the data is added together during the entire construction process. Also ensure that the mixing time of each barrel is roughly the same, to ensure that the mixing is sufficient and uniform.