Difference between epoxy floor paint and self-leveling epoxy floor paint
- 2019-06-07-

There are many types of epoxy floor paints, and there are still some slight differences between them. There are also many differences between epoxy floor paints and self-leveling epoxy floor paints , just because of these differences. Exist, there will be different customers to choose different products, let's give you a detailed introduction to the difference between the two:

1. The difference between epoxy floor paint and epoxy self-leveling is mainly due to the different scales included. Epoxy self-leveling is an organic product; epoxy floor paint is a general term for epoxy resin industrial ground materials, and epoxy self-leveling is one of such floors. Epoxy floor is divided into four categories according to construction methods, functions and data, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

2, epoxy floor paint and epoxy self-leveling floor is the current engineering plant on the ground purification project optimization project, especially the epoxy self-leveling floor, after the construction of the workshop is mirror-like, easy to clean, more solvent-resistant, wear-resistant, Shock proof. If it is industrial self-leveling floor, then Xiaobian advocates that you do epoxy self-leveling!

3, self-leveling floor features:

The strength is that the surface layer is uniform and the strength is relatively good. The defect is that the bond strength with the ground is not particularly high, and the drum is relatively simple. If there is a break, it will easily cause large-area damage.

The strength is that the bond strength with the cement base is good, the construction is fast, and the performance is good; however, it can not do a very bright light, it is a matt effect.