What should I pay attention to in waterborne metallic paint?
- 2019-11-05-

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Waterborne metallic paints are anti-corrosion and anti-corrosive coatings for metals. They are used more and more widely in various industries. Some automotive coatings have begun to use metal paints instead of traditional oil-based coatings. However, in metal construction operations. During the process, some difficult to save losses due to environmental humidity and cleanliness.
First, water-based metal paint should pay attention to:
1. Cleanliness There are black spots, air bubbles, etc. on the surface of the paint film after spraying the metal paint film. These are due to the fact that the relevant area is not cleaned when spraying on the personal spray or the automatic production line, which will result in dust during spraying. And the paint residue is flying around, causing pollution to the paint film.
2. Humidity In some areas where the ambient humidity is relatively high, this is especially true in summer, and it is prone to resurgence. In some plum rain seasons, these will lead to an increase in ambient humidity. Metallic paints will be water-based due to high humidity during spraying. The coating system is damaged and forms activities and suspensions. Therefore, it is necessary to perform ventilation, dehumidification and drying treatment at the time of spraying, and to carry out antifouling and moisture proof work on the metal paint film that has been sprayed.
In summary, it is the precautions of the water-based metalware in the spraying construction from the aspects of environmental humidity and cleanliness. This is related to whether the spraying effect is good in the later stage, so friends must pay more attention to this when spraying. Two aspects.