On the colored road, the old driver takes you on the road! Guangzhou Tianmai supply color wear-resistant pavement coating
- 2018-07-18-

In recent years, following the advancement of society and the improvement of people's living standards, a cluster of cars has become more widespread, which has formed congestion in traffic routes and even attacks on traffic incidents. At this time, the road is also beginning to be colorful, in order to clarify the direction of the road, the slope and so on. The color of road traffic equipment mainly includes: the color of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks, bus lanes, and climbing lanes; the color of the equipment attached to the gas station, parking lot, vehicle stop (bus or taxi), etc. The color of the traffic signs on the road and the color of the traffic equipment (primarily the guiding information) of the primary station or the transportation hub cover many elements such as history, climate, civilization, vegetation, etc. It is a relatively concentrated and intact color system. At the same time, it should be in harmony with the surrounding urban construction colors.

Then, the importance of colorful pavements is obvious: paving different colors of pavement is somewhat better than straight traffic signs, and it can intuitively signal the driver. For example, in a traffic-prone area, it is possible to lay a red or yellow road surface and intuitively prompt the driver to drive carefully. On the way through the primary and secondary school districts, iron red road surface is paved to slow down the vehicle and prevent the risk of attack. In the highway corners, downhills, tunnel entrances and exits, the colorful anti-skid speed bumps are set horizontally according to the certain width, which is used for anti-skid deceleration, using different color road surfaces to make it fresh and eye-catching, and enhance the safety of driving. Practice has proved that the colorful color of the pavement can affect the driver's brain, ease the exhaustion of driving, persist in outstanding emotions, and reduce hidden dangers. Sweden has painted red colours on certain special risk roads in the Alps, resulting in a 85%-90% reduction in traffic incidents. In China, we have done related experiments. In order to reduce the speed caused by the excessive speed, dozens of white lines have been painted on the long-distance road sections. The driver looks like these in the white lines. The ripples are generally, and the speed is too fast, so that the driver consciously drops the speed. Color wear-resistant pavement paint is looking for the pulse.