Waterborne glass paint type and application precautions
- 2018-08-03-

Waterborne glass paint - the type and use of waterborne glass paint

1, pure water glass paint. Pure water-based glass paint, does not contain harmful solvents such as benzenes and esters, does not contain free TDI, does not incinerate, is a new environmentally friendly glass paint, and has been assessed as a real green product by international and other authoritative verification organizations. This product has super strong adhesion, its coating film will never fall, no special treatment at high temperature, color and brilliance, embrace Changxin; this product is resistant to acid, alkali, heat, water, mildew, corrosion, It is resistant to moisture, has good hardness and toughness, is not aging, and can resist external forces better than general oil paints.

2, pure water PU professional glass paint. Pure water PU professional glass paint, all performance indicators are superior to traditional solvent-based paint, green, non-toxic and healthy; the smell is elegant, easy to dry: strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, color and glory. Main ingredients: silicone modified PU resin, additives, purified water. Uses: Suitable for all kinds of architectural decorative glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, art glass and kitchen utensils, etc. The surface of daily-use glass products also has superior adhesion on raw materials such as acrylic, plexiglass, ceramics and resin products.

Water-based glass paint - application precautions for water - based glass paint

1. During operation, keep the work site clean and dust-free, the site temperature should be higher than 8 °C, and the relative humidity is lower than 85%.

2, all data equipment share is the component ratio, should be strictly in accordance with the operating share and order of manufacture, pay attention to mixing evenly, and insist on ample time to rest and reverberation.

3, the modulated data should be filtered and used, usually used up within 7 days.

4. The grease, dirt and moisture on the surface of the painted glass should be clean and boring.

5. When doing lamination coating, it is necessary to wait for the base coating film to be dry before proceeding to the next step.

For the common sense of water-based glass paint, let us introduce it to us. For those who value the festive air, home decorating things like water-based glass lacquer should be used more, so that they can dress up their own warm home and add a touch of beautiful scenery to the warm festival. With the help of family members, these beautiful scenery can highlight their effects.