In the hot summer days, the colored pavement will provide you with “heat and heat”. Guangzhou Tianmai supplies colored wear-resistant pavement paint.
- 2018-07-18-

Cool summer is coming, facing high temperature warning every day, I don't know if you are flustered, sweating a little when you move a little. Anyway, Xiaobian hates this high temperature climate. I just want to go indoors and avoid the heat outside. If the road can cover a part of the heat, then still I love to walk outside. The general road is usually paved with gray cement or black asphalt. We all know that black is the most endothermic, and then it becomes a heating element, which makes it easier to raise the ambient temperature. This is not the case with the paved colorful roads. Why? Xiaobian gives us a detailed explanation.

The colored pavement not only helps us to get hot in the external senses, but also our inner feelings can also reduce the heat of the invasion. Imagine walking on the colorful road, whether the mood is more pleasant, and whether the irritated heart can be appropriate. Quiet? After all, the natural coolness of the heart also has its own reason, to maintain the mood of the mood, and then face the hot climate, it is not so concerned. Need color wear-resistant pavement paint, floor paint to find Guangzhou Tianmai

So in the summer, we usually choose to wear light-colored clothes, subconsciously think that the light color is relatively cool, in fact, this is the fault of the idea, dark clothes are relatively cool, such as red visible light wave is the longest, can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays in sunlight To protect the skin from injury, the same, colorful pavement can alleviate the urban heat island effect, which can significantly reduce the solar absorption rate of the road surface, add reflectivity, and thus lower the road surface temperature.