Waterborne metallic paint properties, uses and methods of use
- 2019-11-19-

Water-based metal baking varnish is suitable for surface coating of metal workpieces and can replace various solvent-based baking coatings. Metal baking varnish is used for the decoration and protection of metal surfaces, especially for metal aluminum, alloy, stainless steel and other metal fine materials with excellent adhesion, protection and decoration functions.
Metal baking paint:
Metal baking varnish is mainly used for galvanized varnish on the surface of galvanized metal equipment such as lamps, metal parts of household appliances, metal crafts, etc. Metal baking varnish can also be used as protection and decoration coating for cars, motorcycle parts, fuel tanks, etc. Metal baking varnish not only has high hardness and good flexibility, but also has excellent rust prevention and storage stability. The functions of the paint film surface are qualified and tested, and the SGS quality skill test is certified to meet the requirements of Europe and the United States. Compared with solvent-based metal baking varnish, metal baking varnish has good aging resistance, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-combustible and non-explosive.
How to use metal baking varnish:
1. Metal baking varnish is suitable for all processes of solvent-based baking coatings.
2. Metallic paint can be sprayed, sprayed or dip coated on metal crafts. No matter which construction method is chosen, the product is diluted with water.
3. The dilution ratio is oil: water = 1: 0.2-0.4, and it is better to measure the viscosity of 4 cups for 15 seconds, and the amount of dilution water can be increased or decreased according to the site conditions.
4. After dilution with water, mix well, filter with 400 mesh filter cloth, let stand for 15-30 minutes to defoam, then use the construction.
5. After spraying, the metal workpiece is allowed to stand for a certain time (about 5 minutes). After being leveled, it can be placed in an oven (room) that has been preheated and the temperature is above 150 degrees for 30-50 minutes. The baking time is adjusted according to the thickness of the metal paint film. The longer the paint drying time is, the detailed time is mastered by the construction site, but the paint film must be completely cured.