Which is better for water-based glass paint and oil-based glass paint?
- 2019-10-11-

Glass paint is the paint applied to the surface of the glass. It is used to maintain the effect of the glass, and generally only applies to the surface of the glass. With the advancement of technology, the production of glass lacquer is becoming more and more exquisite, and glass crafts can be divided into many types according to different viewpoints. For example, if classified by nature, there are two types of oily glass paints and water-based glass paints. So, which is better than water-based glass paint and oil-based glass paint?
1. Water-based glass paint Water-based glass paint is a water-based paint used on glass substrates. It is a pure water-based glass paint. It does not contain harmful solvents such as benzenes and esters. It does not contain free TDI and does not burn. It is a new environmentally friendly glass process. Paint is rated as a truly green product by the world's prestige certification organization. Water-based glass lacquer has super strong adhesion, its coating film will never fall off; no special treatment at high temperature, color radiance, product acid, alkali, heat, mildew, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, good Hardness and toughness, no aging, resistance to external forces can be stronger than general oil paints. Applicable to all kinds of architectural decoration glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, art glass and kitchen utensils, etc. The surface of daily-use glass products also has super strong adhesion on raw materials such as acrylic, plexiglass, ceramics and resin products.
Second, the oily glass paint oily glass paint with benzene, esters as a solvent, can be firmly adhered to the surface of the glassware, through the different colors on the glassware for aesthetic and decorative effects. The surface of the glass is generally very smooth, and the general coating is difficult to adhere to the surface of the glass. A good glass paint forms a stable and strong paint film on the surface of the glass, and exhibits high brightness and high gloss in appearance. Generally, the viscosity is low during construction, and sag does not occur together.
Third, the comparison of water-based glass paint and oily glass paint 1, water-based glass paint is to use tap water as a thinner, and oil-based glass paint is to use thin water as a thinner, we all know that the water is toxic, from this At first glance, water-based glass paint is more environmentally safe than oil-based glass paint, and it can be cleaned with tap water when using water-based glass paint when cleaning spray guns and molds. When oily glass paint is used, only water can be used to clean the spray gun. Water-based glass paint is more convenient to use than oil-based glass paint.
2, water-based glass paint resistance to aging, paint film hardness performance is stronger than oily glass paint.
3, the adhesion point of view, water-based glass paint is better than oily glass paint.
4. The price of general water-based glass paint sounds a little more expensive than oil-based glass paint, but the thinner used in the two is different. The oily glass paint is made of Tianna water and water-based glass paint, so the cost is still almost the same. of.