What are the advantages of colored wear-resistant pavement coatings?
- 2019-11-15-

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Color wear-resistant pavement coating is suitable for spraying on asphalt pavement, as well as hot-melt old lines with good road conditions and cement pavement with bottom oil, urban roads, national highways, highways, town roads, residential parking lots, airports, high-grade Roads, tunnels and roads in the factory.
Color wear-resistant pavement paint The non-slip road surface has different color through the road, prompting the driver to travel on the regular road surface, and then preventing the mixed traffic of different vehicles; prompting the dangerous section in front of the driver and providing the high friction surface layer A good anti-slip effect is achieved; the driver can reduce the speed in advance by entering the above-mentioned road section, and shorten the braking distance in an emergency to prevent a serious traffic accident. The color wear-resistant pavement coating road anti-skid system is a resin-based road anti-skid system, which contains a specially formulated resin-based adhesive and various standard aggregates, which are applied to various road surfaces in an accurate amount. This kind of road surface not only has obvious improvement on landscape beautification and road safety, but also has the effect of extending the life of the general road surface due to the abrasion resistance of the surface layer. The introduction of colored wear-resistant pavement paint anti-skid pavement has an active and far-reaching significance for improving the current situation of traffic deterioration in China.