Product characteristics and construction methods of waterborne metal paint
- 2019-11-12-

Water-based metallic paint is made of imported metal powder, high-quality special emulsion and various additives. It is a water-based environmentally-friendly coating with special metal texture. Waterborne metallic paints are suitable for all common interior and exterior wall substrates as well as embossed, brushed, embossed, stone fiber wall coverings and the like.
First, the product characteristics of water-based metal paint:
1. Non-toxic and pollution-free environment:
Water-based metal paint uses water as a thinner, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, no waste, non-combustible and non-explosive, ensuring environmental protection and fire safety, and ensuring the health of workers.
2, tough film performance is excellent:
Waterborne metallic paint has high hardness, scratch resistance, strong adhesion, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and superior paint film flexibility.
3, efficiency and energy saving reduce the cost:
The water-based metal paint uses water as a diluent, and the operation is simple, and the utilization rate is 100%, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, and the unit coating cost is extremely low.
Waterborne metallic paint waterborne metallic paint II, waterborne metallic paint and construction methods:
Water-based metal lacquer should be diluted with about 10% water, and fully stirred evenly; the product is suitable for painting by spraying method, generally should be applied 2-4 times, the coating requirements are uniform, and the overcoating time is 2 to 3 hours. , to dry out. It is recommended to apply a multi-purpose anti-alkali primer before application.
Theoretical dosage: In theory, the product can be painted 10-12 square meters per kilogram (once), the actual dosage will vary depending on the requirements of thickness and shape.
Third, the attention of water-based metal paint construction:
1. When the water-based metal paint is applied, the surface of the substrate should be dry, smooth, strong and clean. The old wall surface should be completely removed from the old paint film which is powdered and peeled off, and the wall surface should be polished with sandpaper;
2, the new wall surface requires a normal temperature period of not less than 14 days, the wall moisture content is less than 10%, and the PH value is less than 10;
3, the smoothness of the substrate will directly affect its decorative effect;
4, water-based metal paint construction temperature is not lower than 5 ° C, construction humidity should be 15% ~ 85%, to avoid rain or windy days construction;
5, water-based metal paint construction equipment should be washed immediately with water.