Introduction and application of colored wear-resistant pavement coating
- 2019-10-31-

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1. Introduction of color wear-resistant pavement coating Color wear-resistant pavement coating is a multi-layer coating layer water-based pavement coating specially designed for asphalt road coating. It has elasticity and good wear resistance compatible with asphalt substrate. Any solvent substance, so it will not damage the asphalt, can be used to change the color of any new and old asphalt pavement, and constitute a colorful asphalt.
2, color wear-resistant pavement coating products are applied to urban greenways, especially urban greenways seeking beautiful colors;
Theme parks, using the rich colors of RD150 to form a personalized picture paving;
Municipal access road, new and old asphalt road colorful transformation project, low-cost transformation;
Secondary color change of faded colorful asphalt, especially hot mix of colorful asphalt;
Beautiful country, the original black asphalt is changed into colorful asphalt, maintaining the original surface texture. Features: water-based environmentally friendly materials, zero taste throughout the whole process; color durable and gorgeous, no discoloration, pollution resistance; maintain the original asphalt texture, good anti-skid performance; Operation, fast construction, low price