What are the four aspects of water-based crack paint?
- 2018-08-09-

Water-based crack paint is actually a paint used on wood products and plastics. In recent years, water-based cracked paints have received the attention and recognition of fashionable people. Then the question is coming, where is the water-based crack paint? The following small series says that the water-based crack paint is good, let's take a look!

First, the water-based crack paint is good in environmentally friendly water-based crack paint is water as a thinner paint, and oil paint is the use of organic solvents, these organic solvents are generally harmful to the human body, pollution of the atmosphere and easy to incinerate solvents, and It will volatilize into the air at the time of film formation, thus causing health problems.

Second, the water-based crack paint is good in the fast-drying water-based crack paint using a new generation of water-based resin, based on the original water-based polyurethane paint, greatly improved the physical performance indicators. Under normal circumstances, the water-based cracked paint surface is only 10 minutes at normal temperature, which has the disadvantage of slow drying and long recoating time of other paints, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

Third, the water-based crack paint is good in high hardness, water-based crack paint breaks the hardness above 2H, and the fullness is high, the paint film is fine and lubricious, especially for solid wood materials such as solid wood doors, furniture, cabinets, etc. Natural texture and texture.

Fourth, the water-based crack paint is good in the flexibility of the water-based crack paint film has a common flexibility, can fully appreciate the illumination of the sun's ultraviolet rays, and deal with the oil paint film is easy to present cracks. And the water-based cracking paint for soft substrates has high flexibility, high elasticity, and folding and bending without any problems, which are unreachable by oily paints.