Tianmai Chemical Double Propylene Polyurethane Sealant Product Description
- 2018-09-06-

Tianmai double-propylene polyurethane sealant is a two-component reaction chemical product, which is specially used for the sealing treatment of colorful strong permeable concrete or exposed permeable concrete after drying. It can also be used for coloring or colorless sealing of colorful asphalt roads. It has better moisture property. It can deeply penetrate the substrate to 3-5mm, and replace the surface water with alkali to achieve the effect of retouching and eliminating chromatic aberration. After the product is over, it will form a tough, high-gloss film, which will greatly improve the wear resistance of the road and reduce the occurrence of falling of the aggregate during use. It will provide durable maintenance to the road surface and will be bright and fresh in 5 years. After the product is cured, it is a thoroughly tough chemical product that can be processed into any color desired by the user when it is required to be colored and sealed.

feature of product:

Non-yellowing, color enhancement and addition: This product is an aliphatic polyurethane curing product (important imported), no yellowing group, no color change under sunlight, colorful translucent concrete or exposed permeable concrete after applying double propylene polyurethane The color will be more beautiful, bright and durable.

Brief use: room temperature can be directly sprayed after mixing. The dry time is 10-15 minutes, and the dry time is 7 hr. It can be completely cured even at subzero temperatures.

High brightness, high gloss: 100% cross-linking curing, high gloss, strong adhesion to the substrate, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, water corrosion resistance, weather resistance and environmental changes.

Application notes:

This product is a solvent-based (commonly known as "oily") product, the bottom layer must be completely boring, otherwise there will be a "whitening" phenomenon.

The curing agent of this product is an isocyanate component, which can react with the water in the air, so it is necessary to dry and seal the storage. The open cover product should be used up in one time.

This product is a high-impregnation film-forming surface seal maintenance agent, which can provide excellent protection and reinforcement effect on the finished pavement. Although the polyurethane materials have excellent wear resistance and have a certain degree of improvement on the wear resistance of the road surface, The performance of the pavement also depends mainly on the quality of the pavement itself.

Packaging and storage requirements:

1, two-component supply, A component 25kg / barrel, general chemical iron drum; B component (curing agent) iron can sealed packaging, 5/10/25L / can.

2, the product is a solvent-based chemical, corrosive, please do the necessary protection in the application.