The difference between Tianmai metal paint and ordinary paint
- 2018-08-16-

There are many kinds of paints that we come into contact with in life, but many consumers are not very familiar with the variety and function of paints, and today let Xiaobian be the difference between metal paint and general paint under your popular science.

The big difference between metal paint and other paints is that it is blended with metal powder. With metal composition, its hardness will be higher than that of ordinary paint. If the paint surface is hard, it will not be scratched. In general, the paint does not contain metal powder. When encountering flying stones on the road during high-speed driving, the paint surface is relatively simple to be scratched. Generally, the paint car should be cleaned with a dry cloth or a damp cloth. It must be washed with a lot of water so that it will not be scratched by rags, sand, etc.

The lacquer finish of the metallic paint is harder. Since the paint is doped with a metal component, the hardness of the paint is increased and the paint surface becomes harder. The lacquer surface is hard about the car, which can express the layering of the car body. Make the car look more three-dimensional, the overall shape gets extra points.

The difference with “pure paint” is that the paint color is purer. The most typical colors of plain paint are black, red, white, and so on. When these paints are added with silver powder, the color change is too large. For example, black will turn into charcoal black, and red will turn into red wine. Such large color differences are not affordable to many consumers.