Analysis of composition and application of glass paint
- 2019-10-22-

We all know that the decoration of the spray wall is paper paint, the paint such as the paint wall, and the car also has the special paint for the car. So the glass that is common in our life needs to be painted. How often can the glass be cleaned? Everyone talks about glass paint, car glass, decoration glass, lighting glass, sanitary glass and other common glass, Xiaobian sorted out some common sense about glass paint!
There are many kinds of glass paints, such as self-drying glass paint, glass baking paint, oily glass paint, water-based glass paint, PU quick-drying glass paint, EP slow-drying glass paint, one-component glass paint, two-component glass paint, paint paint. , ice paint, crack paint, water drop paint, mirror finish. The characteristic of glass lacquer is that the paint film is full, the color is gorgeous, pure, smooth, high hardness, strong adhesion, yellowing resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, fast drying, good long-term performance and convenient construction. No bubbles or the like occurs when curing.
Glass paint is divided into: oily glass paint and water-based glass paint. Oily glass paint is divided into: one-component self-drying, two-component self-drying, baking paint water-based glass paint is divided into: water-based one-component self-drying glass paint, water-based two-component Self-drying glass paint, water-based glass paint formula contains these ingredients first:
Oily single component: nitro or acrylic plus epoxy plus pigment, coupling agent and other oily two-component: alkyd or acrylic acid plus epoxy plus pigment, coupling agent, etc. with curing agent, oil-based baking varnish: acrylic acid plus epoxy plus pigment Water-based single component such as coupling agent: water-based acrylic acid, waterborne polyurethane plus pigment, coupling agent, etc. Aqueous two-component: water-based acrylic acid, waterborne polyurethane plus pigment, coupling agent, etc., curing agent, water-based baking varnish: modified acrylic emulsion Pigment, coupling agent and other color glass paint can be directly sprayed on the light glass, not only can be used as a solid color glass, but also can add different powders in the transparent paint (such as: flash powder, laser powder, colorful powder, pearl powder, Spraying laser strips, gold and silver powder), using these materials in a variety of different levels.
Glass lacquer application areas Glass lacquer application areas are all kinds of decorative glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, art glass, sanitary ware glass, sliding glass, polycrystalline glass, crystal glass, tempered glass, hot-melt glass, car glass, glass Mosaic, glassware, mosaic glass, etched glass, glass mirrors and other glass products. Glass paint can be sprayed, brushed, soaked, spray coated, painted and other construction methods. The primary component of glass paint is silicone modified PU resin, auxiliaries, and purified water.