Crack paint manufacturers tell you the preparation before crack paint construction
- 2018-08-29-

Crack paint preparation

The primer should be applied before the cracking of the construction. The primer can be used with the matching crack primer produced by the same factory. It can also use the aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other colored primer. Generally, the color contrast between the primer and the topcoat. The bigger the stereoscopic effect, the better the effect. However, if it is applied on polystyrene plastic (PS), it can be sprayed directly without using a primer.

a. Construction supporting crack primer: The matching crack primer is the same as the crack paint. No curing agent is needed when the paint is applied. The construction viscosity is adjusted with a proper amount of special crack water. After the adjusted paint is fully mixed, use 100-200. The mesh filter can be used for construction. The paint liquid is now ready for use. Once prepared, it should be used up to 2 hours in 2 hours. After the paint is opened, it must be sealed immediately to avoid evaporation, moisture absorption and deterioration, which will affect the use effect. During the construction, firstly apply nitro white (or colored) primer 2-3 lines in the base layer to construct nitro-closed primer (Bottom Depot) 1-2 lines until the base layer reaches fullness. After drying, the dust is cleaned and cleaned. The construction supporting crack primer 1-2, evenly sprayed during construction, dry with 600 mesh sandpaper, dust removal clean. The paint coating of the crack primer should have a certain fullness (generally spray a half cross), if the film is too thin, it will affect the adhesion and strength.

b. Construction of aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other colored primers: aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder, etc., with appropriate amount of Tianna water blending, firstly in the construction of white nitro hand-paint 2-3 roads in the base layer to achieve full effect, After grinding and dusting, it can be evenly sprayed with 1-2 paints such as aluminum powder, pearl powder and gold powder. After drying, the dust can be cleaned without grinding.

Cracked paint crack cracked after the paint surface peeled off

Because the crack paint has large powderiness, large shrinkage, low flexibility and poor adhesion, the paint surface is easy to fall off after drying and shrinking. In order to make the crack paint strong and durable, more bright and beautiful, after the crack paint is dry, the sanding is smooth, the surface is cleaned, the cover is semi-matt, matt nitro varnish or polyester paint, polyurethane paint, two-component PU varnish, etc. . When varnishing, the clear topcoat should be well controlled for thin spraying (at least twice). Some construction workers in the construction lack understanding of the basic characteristics of cracked paint, and then use non-nitro-based paints (including aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other colored primers) after the base is scraped with ordinary scraping putty. The base is soft, and the internal stress of the cracked paint produces a high pulling strength. During the shrinking process, all the soft bases are turned upside down, resulting in a large area of peeling and peeling. However, the solution is also very simple. It is not necessary to rework and re-prime. It can be used to paint non-nitro-based paints (including aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other colored primers) after using ordinary scraping putty. Use polyester primer or polyurethane primer, such as strong primer, strong film, and hard layer, firstly seal and strengthen the original base layer, then re-spray the prepared aluminum powder, pearl powder, gold powder and other paints. -2 roads, after dust removal, it can be sprayed with cracked paint, which can produce crack effect. The method of top coat is the same as above.

Colored crack paint