Water-based glass paint talks about the development trend of furniture paint
- 2018-12-31-

Furniture paint, in fact, refers specifically to the special paint for wood and bamboo furniture, also known as "wooden paint." Furniture paint can make wooden bamboo furniture more beautiful and bright, improve the rough feel of the furniture itself, not only protect the wooden furniture of the wood, but also make the whole family life more comfortable! Here is the water glass paint manufacturer to explain the development trend of furniture paint.

I. Environmental protection: The furniture paints exhibited by paint companies in the furniture exhibition are mainly three types: PU paint, UV paint and water-based paint.

The current low-carbon environmental protection concept is prevalent, and the furniture industry and furniture lacquer industry are not an exception. Furniture lacquer is an important raw material for the furniture industry, and its quality directly affects the low carbon environmental protection level of the furniture industry.

In the domestic furniture paint market, PU paint still occupies the most important position. PU paint is also making progress in environmental protection skills, but it will gradually withdraw from the stage as a solvent paint. The fastest-growing UV-curing coating in domestic furniture lacquers has already surpassed PU trends. At present, domestic UV coatings can be almost solvent-free, that is, 100% solid content spraying. Although the water-based paint has a low occupation rate in the domestic furniture paint market, its safety and environmental protection are the trend of the future development of furniture paint. With the continuous development of the skills, the market share of water-based furniture paint will be higher and higher. , water-based glass paint talk.

Second, the coating effect: in the paint booth of the Pearl River Delta series of furniture exhibition, the coating effect has become a hot spot of the exhibition, "paint bucket" is no longer the protagonist. More paint companies showcased all the furniture products. It is understood that in order to show the coating effect of their products, some paint companies directly use the furniture products of downstream customers to display them on their own booths.

Third, painting integration: the products supplied by the coatings company are no longer limited to the coating itself. The most important thing for furniture manufacturers to choose coatings is the role of coatings. The role of coatings depends not only on the quality of the coatings, but also on the effects of coating equipment and skills on the coating. Coatings companies are constantly improving their coating skills while continuously improving the quality of their coatings.

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